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Maple would be a personality storage system

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Maple would be a personality storage system

What I think is a nifty tool in Maple is a personality storage system that holds characters when you don't have enough visual slots. The Character "Cloud" as I would call it, may also be used to store characters with deletion in process statuses and allow us to immediately develop a new playable character without needing to wait 24 hours due to the security reason.

Can be used to transfer characters around worlds (except to Reboot and Scania.) . Characters from the storage can be moved to some other world once per scheduled care. Just one character can be moved each maintenance. Characters in Scania can move to other worlds but can't you can't move characters to Scania unless the character was initially established in Scania.

Can be used as way to skip 24 hour character deletion to produce new characters (characters anticipating deletion still have to wait for the 24 hours, but will be from the storage instead of taking up character slots). This removes a whole lot of the fuss with individuals needing to wait to create a new personality if they consumed their existing slots.

Can be utilized as an external storage to store items and up to 500m maplestory mesos. Characters with over 500m mesos have to place extra ms2 mesos in the storage from the sport inside their world. (This is to stop individuals from greatly abusing world move as a way to misuse different worlds' savings. You will be abled to bring items over between worlds however to protect against a substantial growth of meso transports, the transfer limit is capped, and as noted above, the entire world transfer limitation is just for 1 character per scheduled maintenance.)

This is a rough sketch of what the storage could sorta look like: I am not certain whether this could be something players will want from the game but it's something I think should be accessible to everybody.

So...I have always wanted to become a game designer so I would sometimes randomly think of situations that could occur in certain match. I am not sure if I am posting in the ideal forum since I used to play maplesea and moved to global since I'm not longer in SEA. I had a dream one day and it was related to maplestory so I informed my sister and she say I must sell the story into nexon. The version I am telling you nevertheless would be quite different to match the actual maplestory style rather than a dream.If anyone would like to listen to the actual dream feel free to ask.It's actually pretty interesting...I think....Oh... Sorry if I am rambling.

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