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Everest 2003: 7 klimmers op de top

Nog meer nieuws van hoge toppen. De Frans-Belgische Everest-expeditie mag een succes genoemd worden. We wensen de klimmers een veilige afdaling.
On the 22nd at 7:20 am, three members from the "Everest-2003" expedition, Alexia Zuberer, Sebastian Figliolini and Francis Pallandre accompanied by Norbu (charactor in the coming documentaries) and by 3 sherpas, summited the Everest in difficult conditions due to strong winds (60 to 80 km/h). They had left the night before at 22:00 hours from the southern col after having waited at the inhuman height of 8000 meters for over 24 hours. The rest of the team, having gone back down the previous day, rejoiced at base camp for their fellow team members. This success, having become almost theoritical in light of the harsh weather conditions met since the start of the season, was ceratainly met with great glee.